موارد الأعضاء

Need some extra support? Arizona and Maricopa County have many different resources to help you and your family. You can find available suppports and services at Arizona 2-1-1 . You can also view our list of community resources

يمكنك العثور على معلومات حول خدمات متنوعة، بما في ذلك:

  • المسكن والمأوى
  • الطعام والملابس والمساعدة في سداد الفواتير
  • خدمات التوظيف
  • خدمات الأفراد والعائلة
  • مقدمو الرعاية للمعاقين وكبار السن
  • برامج للأطفال والبالغين المعاقين
  • المساعدة في الإقلاع عن التدخين

هواتف خلوية للأعضاء

يمكن للأعضاء المؤهلين الحصول على هاتف ذكي و/أو خدمة الهاتف الخلوي مجانًا

يمكن لأعضائنا التقديم للحصول على خدمات الهاتف المحمول مجانًا من خلال برنامج Lifeline الحكومي.* وستحصل أيضًا على مزايا إضافية.

وتشتمل خدمة Assurance Wireless Lifeline على:

  • بيانات كل شهر
  • رسائل نصية غير محدودة
  • دقائق للمكالمات الصوتية كل شهر

إضافة إلى هاتف ذكي يعمل بنظام Android!

الحصول على خدمات صحية إضافية لك ولعائلتك

  • تذكيرات ونصائح صحية عبر الرسائل النصية
  • مكالمات مع خدمات الأعضاء

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Lifeline هو برنامج مساعدة حكومي، والخدمة غير قابل للنقل، ولا يمكن التسجيل في البرنامج سوى للمستهلكين المؤهلين، ويقتصر البرنامج على خصم واحد لكل أسرة.

خدمة التوظيف الموسّع

Are you interested in working? Not sure where to begin? Our expanded employment services can help anyone who wants to work. You can get connected to employment services by talking to your provider or calling Mercy Care Member Services at 602-263-3000 or 1-800-624-3879 from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.

What it means to work
Working can be an important part of recovery. A job gives people structure and routine. Working allows you to earn money to make choices about where to live and what to buy. Having a job is good for your mental health, too. When people feel good about having a job, they see themselves in a more positive way.  

New services available  
Employment specialists are available at each clinic in the Mercy Care network. They can talk with you about what kind of work you would enjoy. They can help you find a job that fits your interests and strengths. They will coordinate with your mental health team.  

Benefits counseling  
Getting a job does NOT mean losing your benefits. How working may affect your benefits, like Social Security and Medicaid, depends on the program, your earnings, and other factors. Plenty of people have made the transition to work from benefits and are much better off financially. Employment Specialists can help you understand.  

Ongoing support  
We all need support in our jobs. Employment specialists can provide that support ‑ even after you find a job and start working. That means helping you with any problems or questions that might come up. They can help you get the support you need to succeed in the workplace. They can also work with your employer to help you grow in your job. They also   provide individual services, including money management and benefits reporting.  

If you’re ready to work, we’re ready to help you get started! Just ask your clinician about connecting to employment services. For more information, contact Mercy Care Member Services at 602-263-3000 or toll-free 1-800-624-3879 (TTY/TDD 711), Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.  


موارد مفيدة

Arizona Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA)

لمعرفة المزيد حول برامج RSA أو للحصول على مساعدة فيما يتعلق بالإحالة للخدمات، اتصل برقم ‎1-800-563-1221 أو انتقل إلى https://des.az.gov/rsa-contact-information.


A statewide workforce development network

AZ Disability Benefits 101 (DB 101)

Community Information

Language should not be a barrier to getting the care and treatment you need. That's why you can access language services providers that strive to deliver the best service possible. You have three options for receiving the language services you need -- at no cost to you.  

  • For interpretation by telephone, Mercy Care uses  AKORBI and LANGUAGE LINE SOLUTIONS. These agencies connect providers with an interpreter who speaks the member’s language. They can be used to interpret during clinical contacts, such as therapy sessions, group counseling and children's behavioral health care. They can also be used in non-clinical, such as member's making or confirming appointments.
  • For face-to-face interpretation, Mercy Care works with AKORBI and AZ Multilingual. Face-to-face interpretation is the most effective type of interpretation. Ask your provider to request an interpreter for you. Your provider can do this by calling Akorbi or by requesting log-in access to AKORBI’s portal for online scheduling.
  • For Video Remote Interpreting, Mercy uses AKORBI. Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) is a telehealth solution providing members direct access to their healthcare. VRI combines face-to-face interpretation with the simplicity of sitting at a computer. Many services members can access in person with face-to-face interpretation can also be available remotely. Please contact your provider for more information.

إذا كنت مؤهلاً للحصول على المزايا بموجب Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System‏ (AHCCCS)، فإن خدمات المترجمين الفوريين الشفوية تتوفر مجانًا لك. إذا كنت تعاني من الصمم أو صعوبة السمع، فإننا نوفر أدوات مساعدة أو يمكننا تحديد موعد مع مترجم في لغة الإشارة.

Your provider can schedule all the language services you need, when you need them. Let your provider know that you need language services. Give them advance notice to give them time to make the needed arrangements.

Members may request a specific gender for their interpreter, but will not be able to request a specific interpreter. This process will ensure that all Mercy Care members will have access to interpretation services in a timely and efficient manner for appropriate service appointments.

In the event a member is unable to work with an interpreter, the provider can call Mercy Care’s language line to ensure continuity of the appointment.  

If you have any questions about these services, just call Mercy Care Member Services representatives are available to help you Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Just call 602-263-3000 or toll-free 1-800-624-3879 (TTY/TDD 711).


You can search for a provider that speaks your language

لديك أيضًا حق الوصول إلى العديد من مقدمي الرعاية الصحية الذين يتكلمون بلغات أخرى إضافة إلى الإنجليزية. يمكنك استخدام أداة البحث عن مقدم خدمات في الجزء العلوي الأيسر من هذه الصفحة، حيث ستتيح لك معرفة ما إذا كان هناك مقدم خدمات متاح يتحدث اللغة التي تكون مرتاحًا أكثر عند استخدامها. انقر فقط فوق "Find a provider online" (البحث عن مقدم خدمات عبر الإنترنت). وبعد ذلك أسفل "Find A Provider By Type" (البحث عن مقدم خدمات حسب النوع)، حدد لغة من اختيارك وانقر فوق "Search" (بحث).

المساعدة البصرية

إذا كنت تعاني من إعاقة بصرية، يمكنك الحصول على مواد العضو الخاصة بك مطبوعة بحروف كبيرة. كما تتوفر بعض المواد مثل كتيب الأعضاء في تنسيقات بديلة، بما في ذلك على كاسيت صوتي أو قرص مضغوط.

For information on what's available, you can call Mercy Care Member Services representatives are available to help you Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Just call 602-263-3000 or toll-free 1-800-624-3879 (TTY/TDD 711).



Mercy Care has a mobile app! You can find a provider, view the member handbook, check your claims, see your ID card, order a new ID card and see your current medications, all on your mobile device. Read more about our mobile app here.

The more you know, the better equipped you’ll be to make the best decisions for your health. From general health tips to ideas for managing your care, information is power. Each issue of our newsletter is filled with health tips and information that’s important to you. To request a newsletter be mailed to you, please contact us. 

Health Matters - ACC Members


Health Matters - DD Members

Pregnancy Connection

Disease Management Newsletters Spring/Summer 2020

Disease Management Newsletters Fall/Winter 2019

Disease Management Newsletters Spring/Summer 2019

Medically Necessary Non-Emergency Transportation (NEMT) Services

AHCCCS covers NEMT to or from the closest appropriate AHCCCS registered provider, when a member is not able to find his/her own transportation.

For NEMT services on and after May 1, 2019, the following also apply:

  • For members living in Maricopa and Pima Counties:   
  • The 15 miles is calculated from the pick-up location to the drop-off location, for one direction.
  • NEMT services to and from a pharmacy are only covered for trips within 15 miles of the pick-up location, except for trips to (1) compounding or specialty pharmacies and (2) pharmacies in an MSIC or IHS/638 facilities.

Trips to compounding or specialty pharmacies over 15 miles may be covered if your health plan gives prior authorization for the transportation.

Trips to a pharmacy in an MSIC or IHS/638 facility, can go over 15 miles without getting a prior authorization from your health plan.

The 15 mile distance does not apply to members who do not live in Maricopa or Pima County.


If you need a ride to an appointment, ask a friend, family member or neighbor first. If you cannot get a ride we can help you.

All you need to do to schedule a ride is call Mercy Care Member Services at 602-263-3000 or 1-800-624-3879 (TTY/TDD 711). 

*If your trip is not urgent, you should call at least three days before your appointment.


Our Tribal Relations department is the primary, single point of contact for tribal communities throughout Arizona.  It’s important to Mercy Care that all communities have access to the highest quality of care. We work to ensure that they do. Our goal is the same for tribal relations specialists who work to ensure that tribal members in Arizona receive that same level of care. 

As we all adjust to critical changes during this COVID-19 emergency status, we want to share some helpful information with you about what you should know about COVID-19, how to take care of yourself and others and how to prevent the spread of this virus in your home.
You can view those documents - just click here

Member choice
Mercy Care recognizes tribal members have choices when it comes to receiving health care: Mercy Care, Indian Health Service facilities (IHS) or from tribally-operated health facilities located on tribal lands. We value our partnership with the IHS and tribal nations in the care of tribal members.

American Indians can receive care from the full Mercy Care provider network. We have providers that focus on services for tribal members and their communities. These providers are:

Behavioral Health Crisis Line
If you or someone you love is in a behavioral health crisis, you can contact the crisis hotline at 602-222-9444. It's available 24/7.
Getting connected to care
If you want to get services through Mercy Care, you can call Mercy Care RBHA Member Services at 602-586-1841 or toll-free 1-800-564-5465; (TTY/TDD 711). Representatives are available 24/7. Or, you can call Mercy Care Member Services, Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., at 602-263-3000 or toll-free 1-800-624-3879 (TTY/TDD 711).

If you have questions about tribal relations, you can contact Faron Jack, Tribal Relations Administrator, at jackf@mercycareaz.org.

Serving our veterans
We want to thank everyone who served our country in the U.S. armed forces. We value the sacrifice you made for our freedom. And yet, too often, service men and women who have returned home after serving our country face physical and mental health issues. Those issues vary. They can range from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to depression. Many also experience chronic homelessness and complex medical needs.

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits
Did you know that you may qualify for more benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs? Those services can add to the care you may be getting from us. It depends on your how long you served and other factors. But you may have more resources available to you. These can help you in your health care journey.

We know that veterans value having a choice for their behavioral and physical health care services. That's why we partner with the Phoenix VA Health Care System to make sure that providers take care of veterans’ needs. We also make sure that care is coordinated for veterans who are using services within the VA and Mercy Care systems.

الاتصال بالرعاية
نعرف احتياجات قدامى المحاربين. نعمل لضمان إمكانية وصولك إلى الخدمات والدعم الذي تحتاج إليه. نعمل مع مقدمي الخدمات بالمجتمع. هذه واحدة من الوسائل التي نقوم من خلالها بتوسيع الخدمات لتشمل هذا العدد المتزايد من السكان. بالفعل، ساعدت الشراكات المحلية في تعزيز البرامج التي تشتمل على قدامى محاربين يقدمون الخدمات لزملائهم من المحاربين القدامى. 

ملتزمون بمواصلة التمويل والعمل مع مقدمي الخدمات بالمجتمع الذي يخدمون قدامى المحاربين في ولاية أريزونا. بصفتنا هيئة الصحة السلوكية الإقليمية لمقاطعة Maricopa (ماريكوبا)، نريد التأكد من أن قدامى المحاربين يمكنهم الوصول بسهولة إلى الخدمات. نريد منهم تحسين الصحة العقلية والبدنية. 

If you have questions, you can contact Tenasha Hildebrand, Crisis and Veteran Services Administrator, at hildebrandt@mercycareaz.org.

Project H3
This program helps returning veterans figure out health care system. It ensures that the veterans' physical and behavioral health needs are met.  

Community Bridges, Inc. (CBI)‎ تقدم خدمات Project H3.  

  • المزايا وتقديم المزايا
  • الدفاع القانوني (Veteran Court Assistance Program)
  • التواصل مع:
    • الموارد المجتمعية
    • علاج تعاطي المخدرات
    • علاج جماعي
    • خدمات الرعاية الأولية  

Project H3 Vets has found homes for more than 260 vets. And their support project has helped keep 90 percent of vets in their homes. While such programs provide valuable resources, all veterans’ services, such as housing, should be coordinated by the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA).

Rally Point
This program helps returning veterans figure out health care system. It ensures veterans’ physical and behavioral health needs are met. La Frontera-EMPACT offers Rally Point Arizona Military Navigator services.

يزوّد Rally Point قدامى المحاربين بخط ساخن مجاني على مدار الساعة وطوال أيام الأسبوع. يمكن لقدامى المحاربين الاتصال عندما يعانون من أزمة أو عندما يريدون التحدث مع مدير رعاية يمكنه المساعدة في توصيلهم بالخدمات. ويمكنك الاتصال بالخط الساخن لقدامى المحاربين على الرقم ‎1-855-725-5948.

يجعل برنامج Rally Point كذلك فريق الأزمات المتنقل متاحًا. كما أن مقدمي خدمات الصحة السلوكية في الفرق هم من قدامى المحاربين. وهم أيضًا أطباء سريريون حاصلون على درجة البكالوريوس أو الماجستير. عندما تكون هناك أزمة، فإن الفريق يمكنه الخروج إلى المجتمع. يعد منهج "من محارب قديم إلى محارب آخر" الذي يستخدم خدمات دعم الأقران لأحد قدامى المحاربين والذي يتمتع بتجربة حية مشتركة ثمينًا للغاية. فهو يمثل جزءًا أساسيًا فيما يتعلق بالعمل مع قدامى المحاربين في حالات الأزمات الحادة.

بالنسبة لقدامى المحاربين الذين يعانون من التشرد، يعد البرنامج موردًا قيمًا يمكنه مساعدة قدامى المحاربين في العثور على إسكان بسعر معقول. يمكنهم تقديم المساعدة لقدامى المحاربين فيما يتعلق بـ:

  • تجهيز الإيجار
  • إدارة العلاقة مع صاحب العقار
  • الحصول على السلع المنزلية الأساسية
  • دعم الأقران عند انتقالهم إلى إسكان دائم  

The goal is to help the veterans keep their homes and support them on their path to recovery and health and wellness. Rally Point’s navigator program has served more than 1,000 vets. While such programs provide valuable resources, all veterans’ services, such as housing, should be coordinated by the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA).


Veterans Crisis Line (خط الأزمات الوطني لقدامى المحاربين): ‎1-800-273-8255، الخيار 1 

Crisis Hotline: For behavioral health crises, call 602-222-9444. It's available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Rally Point Military Navigator Program: Provides service members, veterans, and their family members with crisis prevention, intervention, and peer-based support and resource navigation services. http://www.rallypointaz.org/Rally Point Arizona Hotline: 1-855-725-5948 

Be Connected: A statewide initiative to strengthen access to support and resources for members, veterans, and their family members in Arizona. https://beconnectedaz.org/  Be Connected support line – 1-866-4AZ-VETS

Supportive Services for Veteran Families (برنامج SSVF): يعمل على توصيل قدامى المحاربين بإدارة الضمان الاجتماعي www.va.gov/homeless/ssvf

National Resource Directory: Online partnership for wounded, ill and injured service members, veterans, their families and those who support them. www.nrd.gov

211 Veteran Resources www.211.org/services/veterans 

The Veterans Directory: Organization created by veterans, for veterans and supporters to provide a comprehensive directory of services. www.theveteransdirectory.org 

Maricopa County AZ Veteran Resource Portal: Access to programs, services and resources provided by Maricopa County and other community or public sector sites. www.maricopa.gov/1283/Veteran-Resource-Portal 

Arizona Coalition for Military Families: No wrong door, no wrong person and the right resources at the right time for Arizona’s service members, veterans and their families. http://arizonacoalition.org/

Arizona Department of Veteran Services: Provides direct services to veterans through the administration of 19 Veteran Benefits Offices throughout the state to help connect veterans with their VA benefits. https://dvs.az.gov/

Arizona Department of Veteran Services Veterans Court: Collaborative process to rehabilitate and restore veterans as active, contributing members of their community, focusing on veterans who are already involved in or entering the criminal justice system. https://dvs.az.gov/veterans-court 

Mesa Vets Connect: A Resource for veterans www.mesaaz.gov/residents/diversity-office/vets-connect

Veteran Resource Guide for Arizona Congressional District 3 https://grijalva.house.gov/uploads/VeteranResourceGuideFINAL.pdf

U.S. Vets: Nation’s largest, non-profit provider of comprehensive services to homeless and at-risk veterans. www.usvetsinc.org/

U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs https://www.va.gov/

Arizona Vet Center locations https://www.va.gov/directory/guide/state.asp?STATE=AZ&dnum=ALL

Phoenix VA Health Care System https://www.phoenix.va.gov/

U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, My Health-e-Vet: Tips and tools to help partner with your health care team to better manage your health. https://www.myhealth.va.gov/

كلما زادت معلوماتك، أصبحت مجهزًا بصورة أفضل لاتخاذ أفضل القرارات لصحتك. من نصائح الصحة العامة إلى أفكار إدارة رعايتك، تعد المعلومات هي مصدر القوة. كل إصدار لرسالتنا الإخبارية يحتوي على العديد من المعلومات والنصائح الصحية المهمة بالنسبة لك. لطلب إرسال رسالة إخبارية إليك بالبريد، يرجى الاتصال بنا. 

فترة الرعاية طويلة الأجل

Mercy Care understands that pets are part of the family. Having pets is comforting and can even improve your health.at is Mercy Paws?

Mercy Paws is a program that Mercy Care has developed with PACC911, for our home-based members who receive long term care services. PACC911 is a network of animal rescue groups from around Arizona. If you have to go into the hospital and you have no family, friends or support system to help care for your pet, PACC911 will place your pet with a rescue or foster home until you return from the hospital. When you come home, your pet will come home.

Mercy Paws pet care services are offered at no cost to you while you are in the hospital.

These services may include:

  • Basic care, such as housing and nutrition
  • Spaying or neutering
  • Updated immunizations
  • Additional veterinary care if needed, as appropriate

PACC911’s network includes a variety of rescue agencies. Mercy Care and PACC911 will work together to help you and your pet get the best possible care during your hospital stay. Your pet will be well cared for, so that you can focus on your recovery.

 Talk with your Mercy Care case manager to find out more.