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If you need help finding a place to live, getting food or buying school clothes for your children, you can call 2-1-1 or 1-877-211-8661. Or, you can visit

  • Tobacco Cessation: Many people have quit using tobacco through the programs offered by the Arizona Smokers Helpline (ASHLineASHline) and tobacco cessation medication. You can double your chances of quitting successfully if you get coaching and tobacco cessation medication. ASHLine can also help you cut back on your use of tobacco. It also provides information to help protect you and your loved ones from second hand smoke. You can also talk to your PCP. There are several no cost resources available, including Quit Coaching.
    Tobacco Free Arizona
    Tobacco & Chronic Disease - Learn about tobacco and chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, lung disease, cancer, diabetes and asthma.

  • Advocates for Individuals with Disabilities Foundation (AID)‎ - مؤسسة غير هادفة للربح تم تأسيسها لدعم الوقت الذي ستكون الولايات المتحدة خلاله ممكنة للوصول بصورة أكبر من قِبل الجميع.
  • Alzheimer's Association - Committed to advocating for the needs and rights of those facing Alzheimer’s disease and advancing critical research toward methods of treatment, prevention and, ultimately, a cure.
  • - الحصول على مساعدة ومعلومات حول الشيخوخة والإعاقة والتواصل مع الوكالات المجتمعية التي يمكنها المساعدة.
  • Area Agencies on Aging - The seven Area Agencies on Aging in Arizona offer a variety of programs and services that enhance the quality of life for the residents in their regions. They advocate, plan, coordinate, develop and deliver services for seniors, individuals with disabilities, and their families and caregivers.
  • Arizona at Your Service - البحث عن وكالات وخدمات أريزونا والمزيد.
  • Arizona Autism Coalition -تحسين حياة الأفراد المصابين باضطراب طيف التوحد وعائلاتهم في أريزونا من خلال مشاركة الموارد والتأثير في إصلاح أنظمة التوحد من خلال المناصرة والتعاون على مستوى الولاية.
  • Arizona Early Intervention Program (AzEIP)‎ - نظام للخدمات ووسائل الدعم لعائلات الأطفال الرضع والدارجين من سن الولادة حتى ثلاث سنوات المعاقين أو الذين لديهم تأخيرات على مستوى الولاية.
  • Arizona Center for Disability Law - Mental Health - الدفاع عن الحقوق القانونية للأشخاص المعاقين لتحريرهم من الإساءة والإهمال والتمييز وللتمكّن من الوصول إلى الخدمات ومضاعفة الاستقلالية وتحقيق المساواة.
  • Arizona Behavioral Health Corporation - توفر سكنًا بجودة عالية وسعر معقول وخدمات داعمة للأشخاص الذين لديهم احتياجات صحة سلوكية والآخرين الذين لديهم تحديات مشابهة فيما يتعلق بالسكن في ولاية أريزونا.
  • Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS)‎ - وكالة Medicaid في ولاية أريزونا التي توفر برامج الرعاية الصحية للمقيمين في أريزونا الذين يلبون متطلبات دخل معيّن وغيرها من المتطلبات.
  • Arizona Suicide Prevention Coalition - A coalition providing awareness, intervention and action around conditions that result in suicidal acts in Arizona. 
  • C.H.E.E.E.R.S. (Center 4 Health, Enlightenment, Enrichment, Empowerment Renewal Services)
  • Community Information and Referral
  • Department of Economic Security (إدارة الأمن الاقتصادي)
  • FIC - Family Involvement Center
  • Head Start Programs - Arizona Head Start Programs provide high quality early childhood education, nutrition, health, mental health, disabilities, and social services with a strong parent involvement focus. 
    • Who is Eligible?
      Children who are 3 to 5 years old are eligible for Head Start services. Pregnant women and children from birth to 3 years of age are eligible for Early Head Start services. Children and families who are homeless, in foster care, or receive TANF or SSI are also eligible for services. Eligibility is determined by Head Start program staff and some families may be eligible for services if they are determined to be at or below the federal poverty level. Some grantees enroll a percentage of children from families with incomes above the Poverty Guidelines as well.
    • How Do I Apply for Head Start and Early Head Start?
      Contact the Head Start or Early Head Start program serving your community. They will explain the paperwork you should bring to apply. Your local program will provide the required forms and answer your questions.

      Use the Head Start Locator to find a Head Start or Early Head Start program near you. Call the Head Start Knowledge and Information Management Services toll free at 1-866-763-6481 to find a Head Start or Early Head Start program in your area.

  • Health-e-Arizona PLUS - نظام جديد لتقديم طلب للحصول على التأمين الصحي لنظام AHCCCS، والعناية بالأطفال (KidsCare)، ومساعدة التغذية، وفوائد المساعدات النقدية والاتصال بخدمة Federal Insurance Marketplace.
  • Hope Lives - Vive La Esperanza
  • المعلومات والموارد، Marc Community Resources (مجانًا)
  • Mental Health Association of Arizona
  • Mentally Ill Kids in Distress‏ (MIKID)
  • NAMI Arizona‏ (National Alliance on Mental Illness)
  • مجموعات دعم الأقران (مجانًا)
  • Raising Special Kids
  • REN - Recovery Empowerment Network
  • STAR - Stand Together And Recover
  • Women, Infants & Children (WIC) - Families now have the option to attend some of their WIC appointments from the comfort of their homes. During a WIC@Home appointment, you’ll join other parents or caregivers using a video-chat website to share tips on nutrition or breastfeeding. All you need is a smartphone, tablet or computer with a webcam to participate.

Home Visit Resources 

  • Strong Families AZ is a network of free home visiting programs that helps families raise healthy children ready to succeed in school and life. The programs focus on pregnant woman and families with children birth to age 5.
    • Arizona Health Start - For women who are pregnant or have a child under 2 years old
      • If you are pregnant or a mother facing challenges, it’s important to know that someone can help you. Arizona Health Start is here to help. Our home visitors can connect you with a variety of community organizations that provide health care, education, parenting resources, and application assistance for other programs. We will get to know you and your family, so we can help you get the resources you need. We understand your culture, because we live in your community. We also understand what you’re going through, because we’ve helped families just like yours.
    • Early Head Start - For families with children under 5 years old
      • Head Start (for children 3-5) and Early Head Start (pregnant women and children 0-3) has a variety of program and service delivery options including Center Base, Home-Base, Combination (Home & Center) or Family Child Care.  Each program incorporates an individualized approach to high-quality services for low-income pregnant women and children age birth to five. Families receive support and guidance from Head Start staff to become self-sufficient.
    • Healthy Families Arizona - For families with an infant under 3 months old
      • Everyone who is having a baby can feel overwhelmed. It’s important to know that it’s ok to ask for help, especially if you’re experiencing a number of challenges. Healthy Families Arizona is a free program that helps mothers and fathers become the best parents they can be. A Home Visitor will get to know you, and connect you with services based on your specific situation. To initiate services, please directly contact any of the service providers serving the area where you reside.
    • Nurse-Family Partnership - For first-time mothers less than 28 weeks pregnant
      • Children don’t come with an instructional guide. So it’s only normal that new mothers face challenges and doubt. In times like these, someone is here to help you. Nurse-Family Partnership is a community healthcare program that will connect you with a nurse home visitor. Through the visits, you will learn how you can best care for your child.
    • Parents As Teachers - For families with a child on the way or under 5 years old
      • Your children have so much potential. As a parent, you have a unique opportunity to be their first teacher. That’s because most brain development occurs in the first few years of life, and you can make a difference. Parents As Teachers will show you how. Our Home Visitors will provide you with resources appropriate for your child’s stage of development. Through Parents As Teachers, you’ll develop a stronger relationship with your child and help prepare them for academic success.
    • Family Spirit - For Native American families with children under 3 years old
      • The Family Spirit Program is a culturally tailored home-visiting intervention delivered by Native American paraprofessionals as a core strategy to support young Native parents from pregnancy to 3 years post-partum. Parents gain knowledge and skills to achieve optimum development for their preschool age children across the domains of physical, cognitive, social-emotional, language learning, and self-help.
    • High Risk Perinatal/ Newborn Intensive Care Program - For families with newborns who have been in intensive care
      • The High Risk Perinatal Program/Newborn Intensive Care Program (HRPP/ NICP) is a comprehensive, statewide system of services dedicated to reducing maternal and infant mortality. The program provides a safety net for Arizona families, to ensure the most appropriate level of care surrounding birth as well as early identification and support for the child’s developmental needs.
    • SafeCare - For families with a child under 5 years old
      • Let professional and highly trained home visitors support you and your family on your journey to success.  Utilizing the nationally recognized SafeCare model, you will receive weekly visits that are divided into core focus areas:  parent-child interaction, health and home safety.  In each focus area or module, you will build on and strengthen your skills through a variety of interactive sessions.
  • Parents Partners Plus
    • Partners with trusted, established nonprofit and advocacy organizations to help give your child his or her best possible chance at a happy, healthy future. If you have questions, concerns or needs as far as breastfeeding, fighting postpartum depression, child-rearing or otherwise transitioning into life as a parent, our representatives can connect you with critical resources.
  • Birth to 5 Helpline - (877)705-KIDS

    Free service available to all Arizona families with young children, as well as parents-to-be, with questions or concerns about their infants, toddlers and preschoolers. Call to speak with an early childhood specialist, on duty Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. You can also leave a voicemail or submit your question online anytime.

  • Fussy Baby Program

    • The Fussy Baby program is a component of the Birth to Five Helpline and provides support for parents who are concerned about their baby’s temperament or behavior during the first year of life. Our clinicians will work with you to find more ways to soothe, care for, and enjoy your baby. We’ll also offer ways to reduce stress while supporting you in your important role as a parent.

  • First Things First - (602)771-5100 or (877)803-7234

    • Partners with families and communities to help our state’s young children be ready for success in kindergarten and beyond.

  • Southwest Human Development - (602)266-5976

    • Works with families from pregnancy through the first 5 years of life to become the best parent you can be.


Maricopa County Lead Safe Phoenix Partnership - Provides the following services to families enrolled in the Lead Safe Phoenix program:

Home Visitation

  • Lead blood testing for children under 6 years of age
  • Environmental assessment of the home to enhance the health and safety of the children in the home
  • Education on the prevention of lead poisoning
  • Screening and referral to community resources as needed

Community Education and Outreach

  • Education regarding lead hazards and lead poisoning prevention to target populations (pregnant women, households with children under six) within Lead Safe Phoenix eligible zip codes
  • Education to home visiting program staff working within the Lead Safe Phoenix target zip codes


  • Expanding employment services (Not for RBHA members) الإنجليزية A brochure that explains supported employment services for members with a serious mental illness determination. It includes a list of where members can access services.
  • General Mental Health/Substance Abuse Resource Guide (Not for RBHA members) الإنجليزية  | الإسبانية A listing of services and supports available for adults with general mental health and/or substance abuse (GMH/SA) issues.
  • Women's Services Directory الإنجليزية  | الإسبانية  A guide to substance abuse and mental health support services. Agencies in this directory provide treatment and other services to eligible women.  
  • Your Roadmap to Children's Behavioral Health Care الإنجليزية الإسبانية  A helpful infographic that outlines how you can identify mental health concerns in your child and how you can start the journey to getting them the care they need.